Thursday, 24 March 2011

Authentication Dilemma No. 1

So, I am in Iowa where I want to have my diploma notarized, and I feel more confused and uncertain than ever. First I went to the Chamber of Commerce for the notary and felt certain they would notarize my stamped and sealed diploma copy (by the registrar), but the lady sent me away saying she could only notarize signatures. Than I went to the bank, but the lady there said I would need to type a letter attesting to the document's authenticity, and the bank would then be able to notarize my signature on that letter and attach it to the diploma. That didn't sound right to me, so I call the IA dept. of state, and the lady explains that a notary cannot legally notarize a copy of a copy, or something like that, and I would need to take my original diploma to a notary public, at which point the notary would make a copy and notarize it. For some reason, I had completely forgotten to bring my original diploma to Iowa with me and left it at home in St. Louis. Fortunately my mother can express mail it to me and I will likely have it by Saturday (when most notaries are closed). Ahhhh! And I thought the notary would be the easiest part (maybe it is, and now I know what I have to look forward to).

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  1. Don't worry. I went through the same drama trying to get my notary sorted out. Once I did, it took about 2 minutes, but figuring out exactly what the notary needed to do...well, that was the hard part!