Saturday, 12 March 2011

Questions, Questions, and More Questions... (Any Defininate Answers??)

I wish I knew more about what to expect next. I remember being told something about being able to set up an ADEC email. The more I read about other teachers' experiences upon arrival, the more confused I feel. It seems that there are so many conflicting answers or answers that only give me more questions.

When is the next Webinar? Will I get to be on the first flight? Will I be able to rent a car when I arrive, or will I have to wait for my residence visa?  Will I even have any money to spend? Will I have to pay money for having documents translated? Will Aengus be able to get a job when he's there? What kind of clothes will I need to bring?

What is the curriculum like? Will I follow a specific curriculum plan or will I make my own? How low will the English proficiency be? Will I be able to communicate with the girls? Do the students have a bell schedule like in the US? How long are the class periods? What issues might arise with high school girls and will I be able to manage discipline problems?

What is the housing like? I wish I could see more pictures/videos on housing that is applicable to a single person or couple with no children.

I doubt I will have satisfying answers, though, until I actually get there and experience it myself!


  1. Nearer to departure (June or July, probably). Unknowable. Yes - as long as you have the right copies of your passport with visa stamp. I dunno - I sure won't! Yes. Maybe. Whatever you like!

    It's a New South Wales curriculum for primary, less clear for secondary (a link can be found in the TA discussion pages on facebook...somewhere...). You'll make your own. Very to VERY low. Yes, after a fashion. Good question! Another good question (it varies, no doubt)! Keeping them interested/motivated/in school, even after they're married, if they get married - and I'm sure you will, as discipline problems seem to be pretty genial!

    ....It varies - a lot. But you can *probably* plan on a 2-bedroom flat, all tile everywhere, without curtains (there's a lot of talk about getting curtains hung).

    I'm sure those AREN'T satisfying answers, but I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

  2. Thanks, Mimi! especially for the assurance. I'll look into the New South Wales curriculum even though it may not be completely applicable.

    Your answers are as satisfying as they come, and it's a good reminder that things will work out in the end!