Thursday, 17 March 2011

Going to the U.S.

Ok. So I will finally be able to start getting my documents authenticated. I will be going home to the US in about three days, and besides being able to take care of some much needed paperwork, I will be able to visit with family for what will probably be the last time in two years (Aengus and I plan on doing all of our vacationing in the surrounding areas of Asia and Africa). It has already felt like a long time since I have seen my family--I suppose since my brother's wedding last October...

Anyway. I have been thinking about what I still have left to do for the authentication process and what I will need to bring with me on my trip to the US. I usually feel overwhelmed unless I write a list of sorts--something that I can see and which tells me exactly what I need to do before my trip on Monday. Basically, my mom has already received my 'official' marriage license in the mail from Oregon DHS, and the university has sent a copy of my diploma with seal and registrar's stamp along with the letter of accreditation. Here's what's left:

1. Diploma: needs to be notarized in Iowa, authenticated by IA Secretary of State.
2. Teaching license: needs to be notarized in Oregon and authenticated by OR Secretary of State.
3. Marriage license: needs to be authenticated by OR Secretary of State.
4. Make photocopies (for me and ProEx) of all documents (minus letter of accreditation) including certification pages to be authenticated by US and UAE.
5. All three documents, attachments, and photocopies need to then be sent to ProEx delivery in DC along with money order of all fees and letter requesting their services. + prepaid return shipping envelope.

Quite a bit to do. So that means I need to bring with me to the US: teaching license. Everything else is already at my mom's house. Wow! I have been worrying about nothing really. I thought I would have more documents to bring with me. Other than teaching license, I only need to bring the necessaries like clothing and toothbrush. Good to know. But I already feel like I'm forgetting something....

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