Thursday, 21 April 2011

Documents Submitted!

I finally sent off my documents to ProEx today, and it was a huge relief! Only problem was I kept worrying if I sent all the required documents and such. A letter to ProEx requesting authentication--check. Original documents requiring authentication (diploma, teaching license, marriage certificate)--check. Photocopies of documents and certification pages--check. Letter of accreditation from university + printout from CHEA database--check. One money order for dept. of state, embassy, and ProEx fees--check. Prepaid return shipping envelope--check. O.k. Everything's just as it should be...

I chose to go with ProEx because I will be leaving the states in May and felt it would be too easy for something to go wrong if I sent the documents to each place myself (besides, I would have had to ask my mom to complete the last step for the UAE embassy, and it sounded potentially too complicated). If I knew I would be in the states longer, I probably would have done both steps myself; but, since hearing the stress of potentially waiting for over a month to hear from the dept. of state, I am satisfied overall with paying the extra $120 to have a professional service take over.

So, the last couple of errands I need to run before leaving the states--international driving permit and passport photos. Should be a piece o' cake compared to the authentication process.

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