Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tomorrow has arrived (almost)!

Tomorrow--Sunday--I will meet my new school.

The past several weeks have been slow going, especially during the final week of Ramadan. Last week was a national holiday to celebrate the breaking of a month-long fast. Eid Al-Fitr is a special time of gift giving and celebrating with friends and family, and lots of good food! For me, it also marks the end of a long, HOT month and the start of a new chapter in my life story. My very first year of full-time secondary teaching officially begins tomorrow. Well, the first week at school will not involve the students, for they do not start until Sep. 11, but all of next week will be full of meeting principles and teachers, lesson planning, and practice, practice, practice. So I say it definitely counts!

Overall, my first month in Abu Dhabi has been a very good one. Stressful at times, but good and wonderfully satisfying. It's amazing what an actual income can do to lift your spirits!

So, I have finished another chapter of my thesis, which, just like the time here, is very slow going---it fits right into the schway, schway of the Arabian desert. Little by little. That's all the time I need.


  1. I would so like to read more of your observations and what teaching "over there" is really like.

  2. Thanks, T.C.! I have neglected my blog for quite awhile now, and I must update it very soon. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Yes, now that you are a "veteran" you could let us newbies who are waiting on In Person interview know the REAL scoop. We feel like lost little lambs..confused lambs. I am secondary english ed also!

  4. Tammy how was your housing taken care of? I can not find many secondary teacher blogs, so I was happy to find yours. It seems that TeachAway takes care of most housing. For mine they tell me I have to find my own, but give an allowance. Problem is most of the apartments have to be prepaid yearly. I certainly can not come up with that much money all at once.

  5. Hey Sky Rookie!
    Abu Dhabi Education Council takes care of everyone's housing (as far as I know). When I arrived, I stayed in a hotel for about a month before ADEC moved me into an apartment building. It took awhile, and there was a lot of waiting and confusion. One thing I have discovered is that two teachers can be told two completely different stories as far as housing goes--well, as far as anything goes, really! Now, I believe that you can request a housing transfer after your first year, in which case you must find your own place and ADEC will give you an allowance. Your allowance should cover an entire year in advance. I am pretty sure there are no monthly payments on housing here.
    Hope that helps!