Monday, 9 May 2011

Authentication Process Complete!

I received my authenticated documents in the mail today, which officially marks the completion of the legalization process! One of the dept. of state certifications, though, seems to have a problem. The ink is powdery-like and has faded slightly, and the ink sticks to my finger when I touch it lightly. Some of the words are difficult to read. The UAE stamp on the back is fine, so hopefully there will be no problems with it, but I might call ProEx to double-check.

I will be flying back to England this coming Thursday, and I will be so relieved when that day arrives. I've been feeling anxious lately because I miss my husband and wish I hadn't stayed away for so long. Makes me think about leaving him behind in August when I fly to Abu Dhabi. It seems that the average wait is 2-3 months before family can join, which feels stressful and lonely just thinking about it--to me, anyway. Maybe these past two months in the states will make for good practice when I am living in Abu Dhabi, separated from my husband for possibly much longer. Plus, I will be extra busy teaching and meeting new people, so I'll have less time to be lonely, I suppose. In every other aspect I am super excited and can hardly wait to go, so I am sure my anxiety will fade. I'm just feeling a bit lonely right now...


  1. Once you know that the person is meeting back up with you, the time flies by much faster. My boyfriend moved to Dubai in February, leaving me in Toronto, and it was really hard until I got the job with ADEC. Now, the time seems to be flying by, since I know that I'll see him again in August.

  2. That's a good point. I'm sure time will go by quickly, especially because of the busyness and excitement of the new place!